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The best process, is your process

Have you heard about agile? Scrum? Waterfall? Spiral? XP or any other methodologies? Well, from our experience, in this industry is better to not get stuck with any one specific type. Methodologies, base stacks, project templates… everything should be put under a big question mark.

We are not willing to re-invent the wheel, but to engage in a tailored development process that will best fit the project requirements. Yes, if being agile is what is needed, we’ll go that way. But every project needs something more: an engineering perspective to generate accurate, solid, progressive and incremental steps  towards qualified deliverables.

“Rule #1: The key to successful projects is to keep communication friendly, upfront  and transparent.

Rule #2 Having the right methodology in place, together with a skilled software engineer, can make your project go from okay to perfect.

 Nico Nimis

  Systems  Engineer



An original way of strategizing, designing and resolving your problems on software-based solutions


Transparent communication, allowing you to fully control your budget and project resources


By working with our professional staff, you’re able to cross-consult with our media and marketing specialists

Proven Experience

More than 20 happy customers in over 30 projects so far. Check out the testimonials!

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Software Engineering

You may need a developer, architect, DevOps manager, team leader, an engineer, an entire team or just a monkey writing some source code. Well, we don’t have the monkey… but we have the most passionate and talented software professionals available for your project. Don’t just get a resource, get people with experience and skill that save you money by getting it right the first time.

No matter what project you need done, you can count on a professional team who will be available to comment, edit, or advise you along the way. For example, an advertising project would need the input from a marketing, design, and software engineering perspective. We will make sure your work is completed with all the facets covered.

Nimix Suggestions


  1. Contact us to learn more about our single-code base model.: This allows our clients to have a multi-platform solution which is managed by just one source code!
  2. Save resources by having an experienced developer for your project instead of many native programmers.
  3. We are a collaborative team! Don’t get limited to software consultancy: our advertising, recruiting and media professionals are always willing to help and contribute.


Who We Are

We are professionals. Every project is unique and needs to be addressed that way. Our success lies in the effort, dedication, passion, and perseverance we put into our work. We know how to be flexible with adjusting times, processes and methodologies to the project needs. With our strong background and experience in project management, we  have adapted a customer-oriented perspective.

Your project is our project, your success is also ours: we are here to translate your ideals into reality. Our interdisciplinary network enables you to consult directly with the professional working on any phase of your project. 


Eric Grosvald

Systems Engineer

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Professionals Only

All the professionals in our network must validate their experience and skills with face-to-face tests, interviews and technical exercises with our core professional team. We don’t just look for well skilled people, but for talented and passionate professionals, willing to give their best every day. Fluent and friendly communication is a must between every single member of our network and our clients.

You may find among our software consultancy team as many skills as technologies available. If there is any platform or new standard available: we are on it!

We are used to implementing agile methodologies in every step of the project timeline: from the initial project requirement analysis up to the project delivery and maintenance.