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Recruiting Consultancy


Our experience from being there: people are not resources, and it’s time for companies to start figuring that out! People have talent, experience, dreams, the desire to put their skills to work and try their best. A resource is disposable: you can just replace it and the machine keeps working. But we, humans, are different.

We offer a completely different recruiting consultancy experience: you won’t get a resource, but somebody willing to demonstrate their skills and bring their qualifications, talent and experience to the job. Don’t just look for a position, but a career.

Feel the confidence and realize the benefit of having endorsements, experience and talent at your service.

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Hiring, Recruiting, Team-Building

It doesn’t end with getting people on board. Nowadays everything is online and digital. During these challenging and game-changing days, you’re not set just by having a new ‘resource’ for your project.

Here is where we come in: professional services, an entire multi-disciplinary team of talented individuals ready to assist you.

We can help you with building a career plan, coaching, mentoring, and empowering.

Who We Are

We are professionals with experience; passionate people willing to make the difference in this fast paced industry.

We know the rules of the game; the industry insights, being hired, fired, promoted, dismissed, outsourced, and more. We have been there and we know what is needed from both the employer and the employee: a healthy, friendly, transparent and professional relationship.

We can assist with building a career plan, coaching and mentoring, schedule breakdowns, and offer tips and insights to having a successful and rewarding work experience. Because we know that humans are not just resources, and people have much more to contribute than just filling a vacancy.

About the process

Since the variety of projects, insights and company regulations and standards are very diverse, there aren’t standard rules or magical words to grant you the best experience. The process is tailored to the individual based on the project needs, the professional network available and the common objectives.

In our experience, we have found this method to work the most effectively. We are constantly fine-tuning it, based on the feedback provided by customers and professionals from our network.

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Not just skill matching: identify the best talent available for the project



taking initiative, self-driven decision making and  problem solving


Follow up, technical training, identify potential risks and opportunities

Career PLAN

Individually Tailored: checkpoints and hits evaluation