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Great audiovisual solutions, using cutting edge technology. We offer high quality visual, musical, animated and creative productions. Materialize your ideals.


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More than audiovisual media: a sensorial experience

One of the benefits of working with Nimix: you have access to a staff of great designers and audiovisual creators. Our integral solutions network will give you the ability to get media reviews and a professional content assessment as part of your project.

Our professionals have a lot of experience in generating great audiovisuals: 3D renderings, video editing, visual presentations, brochures, music and images as needed. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we can produce high-end visual, textual and animated content for you.

“We don’t just create content, but the greatest audiovisual media that will enhance your project. Besides  for generating cool stuff, we bring your ideas to life in a totally different dimension.”

Isaac Hilu

Audiovisual Creator


A blend of your dreams, mixed with your ideals, combined with our unique touch: a winner recipe

Client Satisfaction

More than 20 successful projects to date, including (but not limited to) media design, video editing and rendering

Original Designs

100% unique content, developed and edited by our audiovisual creators, supported by our entire network


Our content is developed by using the most up-to-date technologies and techniques 

3D Renderings

For real!

Our audiovisual professionals are highly skilled at what they do: designing and creating unreal 3D animations from scratch.  If you want a project that will take your breath away, we can do it!

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Music Clips

We are in touch with more than 10 international artists. Yes, you’re right: we can also give music to your thoughts. Our musical technicians, former band members and audio professionals are able to create something quite different – a multi-sensorial experience to bring a supra-reality dimension to your project.

Too good to be true?  Check it out!

Event Promotion

By collaborating with our advertising division, we can generate a really unique campaign. Branding, design and great advertising assets (such as tailored renders, videos and logos) will have an significant impact on your potential audience.

Inspiring Moments

Keep those special memories forever. Not just a video that anyone can record with a phone: capture the essence of the moment and eternalize it.

A customized website for streaming your special event, an interactive platform to be closer to your audience during a presentation, your important event highlighted on video- we will do our best to transcend the limits of the bytes and give you a completely unique audiovisual experience.

Expect Amazing

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